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We want our children to grow up with the skills to use this technology safely and discerningly; to have the life skills that enable them to use it confidently but appropriately.  We believe that if we teach our children these skills through a range of relevant, topic based tasks they will become competent and discerning users of IT.


We place emphasis on the teaching of coding (also known as programming) as it is a large part of the computing curriculum.  We want even our youngest children to enjoy problem solving; to be confident to have a go, embrace when they have made a mistake and then have a go at correcting it.  Using programs such as Scratch, Hopscotch A.L.E.X gives our children the forum to do this.


The Internet is an amazing source of information which enhances learning in many ways. Being ‘e-safe’ means teaching our children what to do when online and faced with strangers asking for details when gaming, if they see inappropriate images or if they experience cyberbullying.


We have a suite of 30 laptops available for the children as well as 60 iPads which ensure computing is taught in a rich variety of ways!


‘Computers are now part of everyday life. For most of us, technology is essential to our lives, at home and at work. ‘Computational thinking’ is a skill children must be taught if they are to be ready for the workplace and able to participate effectively in this digital world.


The new national curriculum for computing has been developed to equip young people in England with the foundational skills, knowledge and understanding of computing they will need for the rest of their lives. Through the new programme of study for computing, they will learn how computers and computer systems work; they will design and build programs, develop their ideas using technology and create a range of content.‘


Simon Peyton-Jones

Chairman, Computing At School (CAS)



But what does this mean for Brooklands?


At Brooklands, we have selected a new scheme of work that enables the whole school to cover the new curriculum as well as providing opportunities for teachers to follow their creative ideas.

Using the ‘Switched on Computing’ scheme from Rising Stars provides a clear and comprehensive plan of all aspects of teaching Computing.

Below is a breakdown of how the Computing curriculum is covered across the school throughout the year. 


UNIT 1.1

We are

treasure hunters

Using programmable toys

(Programming, following instructions)

UNIT 1.2

We are TV chefs

Filming a recipe

(Computational thinking)

UNIT 1.3

We are painters

UNIT 1.4

We are collectors

Finding images

using the web

(Computer networks)

UNIT 1.5

We are storytellers

Producing a

talking book

(Communication / Collaboration)

UNIT 1.6

We are celebrating

Creating a card electronically


UNIT 2.1

We are astronauts

Programming on screen

(Control & coding)


UNIT 2.2

We are games testers

Exploring how computer games work

(Computational thinking)

Selection of free online games

UNIT 2.3

We are photographers

Taking, selecting and editing digital images


Picasa/Pixelr/Picasa Web/Photoshop Elements

UNIT 2.4

We are researchers

Researching a topic

(Computer networks) FreeMind/Linkbunch/PowerPoint

UNIT 2.5

We are detectives

Communicating clues.

(Communication / Collaboration)

Email software/Word

UNIT 2.6

We are zoologists

Bug hunt data

(Data collecting, data handling, charts and graphs) PowerPoint/Excel/2Count

UNIT 3.1

We are programmers Programming

an animation

(Programming) Scratch/Snap!/PowerPoint

UNIT 3.2

We are bug fixers

Finding and correcting bugs in programs

(Computational thinking)


UNIT 3.3

We are presenters Videoing performance (Creativity)

Movie Maker/

Adobe Premier Elements/iMovie

UNIT 3.4

We are network engineers

Exploring computer networks,

including the internet

(Computer networks)

Access to school network and command prompt

UNIT 3.5

We are



safely on the



Collaboration) Email software/Video conferencing software/


UNIT 3.6

We are opinion pollsters Collecting and

analysing data

(Productivity) Excel/InspireData/

Google Drive

UNIT 4.1

We are software developers

Developing a simple educational game

(Programming) Scratch/2DIY/Snap!

UNIT 4.2

We are toy makers Prototyping an interactive toy (Computational thinking) Arduino/Lego WeDo/Scratch

UNIT 4.3

We are musicians Producing

digital music

(Creativity) JamStudio/GarageBand/Audacity/LMMS

UNIT 4.4

We are HTML editors

Editing and writing HTML (Computer networks) Brackets/Notepad/Kompozer

UNIT 4.5

We are


Producing a wiki (Communication/Collaboration) MediaWiki/PBWorks/Google Sites

UNIT 4.6

We are meteorologists Presenting the weather (Productivity)

 Excel/Google Drive/PowerPoint/

IWB Software


UNIT 5.1

We are game developers Developing an

interactive game

(Programming) Scratch/2DIY/Snap!/Kodu

UNIT 5.2

We are cryptographers Cracking codes (Computational thinking) Scratch/Snap!/Excel

UNIT 5.3

We are artists

Fusing geometry

and art (Creativity)



UNIT 5.4

We are web developers

Creating a web page

about cyber safety

(Computer networks)

Google   sites/PBWorks/


UNIT 5.5

We are bloggers

Sharing experiences and



             Collaboration)           Wordpress/Blogger

UNIT 5.6

We are architects Creating a virtual space (Productivity) SketchUp/Picasa Web

UNIT 6.1

We are app planners

Planning the creation

of a mobile app

(Computer networks)

App Inventor/App Shed/Codea/PhoneGap

UNIT 6.2

We are project managers

Developing project management skills

(Computational thinking)

MS Project/Basecamp

UNIT 6.3

We are market researchers Researching

the app market


Open Office Calc/

Google Docs/


UNIT 6.4

We are interface designers Designing an interface for an app (Communication/Collaboration) Balsamiq/Justinmind

UNIT 6.5

We are app developers

Developing a simple mobile

phone app


App Inventor/App Shed/Codea/PhoneGap

UNIT 6.6

We are marketers

Creating video and

web copy for

a mobile phone app


Movie Maker/Adobe Premier Elements/iMovie/