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Nursery - Mrs Joanna Knibbs- Teacher   Petra Mitchell -Nursery Nurse


Reception: Miss Emily Topliss - Teacher    Charlie Uddin- (TA) 


Reception: Miss Rebecca Peck- Student Teacher


Autumn term

In Nursery this Autumn term we have been busy settling the children into school life. We have been exploring all the areas of the EYFS curriculum. We have been focussing on playing in a group, demonstrating friendly behaviour, initiating conversation and forming good relationships with peers and familiar adults. The children have been leading their learning and making lots of choices about what they would like to learn.


In Nursery we have looked at the book 'Journey' by Aaron Becker and have talked about our own journeys. We engaged in lots of imaginary play and thought about what it would be like to visit lots of places throughout the world. 

In Nursery we love exploring We have also looked been enjoying time at forest school and love becoming mud monsters!

In Maths we have been doing lots of counting and we went on a shape hunt. We found lots of things to count outside and found shapes hiding in the outside area too!


Nursery were really interested in ‘Light and Dark’. So we decided to do some learning based on our interests. We have been thinking about nocturnal animals. We made some fantastic clay hedgehogs.





Spring term


Our topic this term is community. We created a mind map about our local community and thought about all the places we visit. We will investigate this topic further and be extremely busy this term!!



 Autumn Term

In Reception we started the year by joining in with the whole school topic, and read the story 'Journey' by Aaron Becker. We talked about journeys we had been on and wrote all sorts of things like packing lists, stories about journeys and descriptive postcards. We also took many magical adventures in our boat.

We have also been reading the book 'The Day the Crayons Quit' and even made our own crayon characters to tell stories with.      

As the weather changed we started learning all about Autumn and the changing seasons. The children were very interested in harvest time so we decided to learn all about how different vegetables and crops were harvested. The children have especially enjoyed using all the ingredients we learnt about to cook some yummy dishes like apple and blackberry crumble, porridge, and bread rolls.


Towards the end of the term we started to learn about Celebrations in different cultures and religions, learning about the Harvest festival, Hannukkah, Diwali and Christmas. The children took part in lots of art activities, such as making our own Menorahs using paper plates and straws. 


Our role play area became the Polar Express train and the children created some fantastic role play scenarios, using descriptive language to describe what they could see out of the windows, such as "terrifying hungry wolves" and "spiky frozen mountains". There were also lots of opportunities for writing and the children created their own posters and tickets for the train. We also had a great time learning all about animals and making homes for hedgehogs to hibernate at Forest School.


In Maths we have been focussing on the children's understanding of number and counting. We value reasoning in Maths and use lots of practical activities and resources to help the children to understand what they are doing. So far we have focussed on numbers, adding and subtracting with numbers to 10, learning to mentally say one more and one less than a given number, and to use objects and numicon to solve simple addition and subtraction problems. Some of the children's favourite activities were playing 'Subtraction splat' with playdough, and learning to form numbers by tracing over chalk numbers with wet cotton buds or paintbrushes. 


Spring Term

This term we are starting a new topic on 'Our Community'. We created a mind map with the children about the people and places in our community, at home, school and the wider community in Blackheath. 

We made a 'mind map' with the children to think about things we wanted to find out about our community, so that the learning was led by the children. 

They were particularly interested in the emergency services so we have started by learning all about the police! Our role play area is a police station and the children have been very excited to act out all sorts of narratives being the 'classroom police' and have been busy taking fingerprints, writing incident reports, using the walkie-talkie phones and arresting each other! 

We also had a naughty toy cat who came and committed some crimes in our classroom! We found stolen spilt milk and some painty paw prints all over the tables. The children had to solve the clues to find out who the culprit was and then made Wanted posters to try to find the naughty cat. 

Next we will be moving on to learn all about the Fire service - look out for pictures of our Fire Engine visit coming soon!



Reception 2016-2017

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