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Year 1

Year 1 Class Teacher

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Mrs. Gina Banks


Miss. Annaliese Law


Year one have had a great start to the school year. They have all agreed to work hard this year....

And have been enjoying trying out their new seating arrangements....

Come back soon to find out more about what they have been up to!

Year 1 have had an excellent start to their Enid Blyton project including asking lots of questions about the author, making lollipop-stick puppets to act out parts of the story, writing HELP letters from the Secret Seven and even creating Wanted Posters, so Lennie Wilson the crooked criminal can be caught by the Police.

Next week they’ll step into the role of a Police officer, to solve the mystery of the great train robbery and catch the villains responsible for the stolen money. This will involve collecting important evidence and clues, writing Police reports and solving the mysterious disappearance of the missing Museum goods.


In Maths, they have been delving into the world of numbers, looking at the language surrounding addition and subtraction and even making the symbols using their bodies. They have compared numbers using more than and less than, as well as learning about the importance of place value e.g. digits, hundreds, tens and units and counting on and backwards.

Having completed a few investigative problems they are also becoming confident problem solvers using strategies such as trial and error, draw a picture, act it out and reasoning logically.

During the Big Fractions Challenge they also had a lot of fun ‘finding halves’ of cakes, pizzas, shapes, bananas, the class and even jelly babies. Needless to say this was a very successful day. Their learning is now displayed on the stairwell display boards to the KS2 classes so feel free to take a look.


In Geography, they have been describing Greenwich Park using their geographical language and discussing the man-made elements and obviously all the natural aspects of the park. Next they will be focusing on Blackheath Village and making comparisons between the two.

Art has been very successful so far and it is clear we have some budding artist in Year 1. Concentrating on the painting techniques of Iris Scott, they have been exploring the marks made using finger painting as well as observational pictures of Scamper the Dog from the Secret Seven. The following stage will see Year 1 combine the techniques to produce some beautiful finger paintings of Scamper the dog.

In Science, we have had a real focus on the scientific skills needed to complete a whole experiment e.g. asking questions, making predictions and careful observations and discussing the results. Imagine the children’s delight when they were asked to investigate how the gradient of a slope affects the speed of a toy car. They had so much fun and were so engaged, it was a difficult one to pack away!

In French they have been practising some well-known songs (all will be revealed in their class assembly in a few weeks) as well as learning about basic greetings and numbers.

Phonics has been a jam packed adventure of letters, sounds and words and here is a link to the Jolly Phonics song to support their learning of all the phonemes they need to know.


Is your child reading every day? We do ask children to change their coloured books every day and to read every day at home. Can you also support us by getting your child to utilise Bug Club? If you are having trouble logging in, please email us for accurate login details as some children have had difficulty.


If you have any questions regarding your child’s learning, please feel free to watch this space or contact Annaliese Law or Gina Banks via email or the school office.