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Year 3 and 4

Year 3- Mr Oscar Jenkins- Teacher       Brennon Christophe (TA) 


Year 4 Mrs Colleen Rogers-teacher (M,T,W)     Mrs Julie Williams - Teacher (T,F)


                             Mrs Sarah Mollett- (HLTA) 

Year Three 


Autumn 1

Last term we explored Aaron Becker’s book Journey. We started the term by looking at setting descriptions, and how we can use adjectives to describe and explain the scenes from the book.


Each class looked at different modes of transport and we chose to focus on boats! Using different kinds of poetry – acrostic, kennings, and shape – we looked at how powerful poetry can be when describing a topic and wrote out own poems based on boats. This linked in really well to our trip to the Museum of London Docklands where we learned about the development of the docks and how London has changed.


We also recreated artwork from Journey, using a range of different skills and materials, such as oil pastels and chalks, to help develop and adapt the illustrations. In ICT, we also used a variety of apps to create stop motion videos based on journeys which were personal to us!




Autumn 2 and Spring 1

This term we have been learning about the Romans! We started off by re-telling the story of Romulus and Remus and looking at the myth about how Rome was created! We re-told the story in a number of different ways and even acted it out! As a class we also made a Roman timeline, putting key events from the Empire in chronological order, to help us understand how long the Empire lasted for.


The main Emperor we learned about was Hadrian! We wrote fact files all about his leadership with a special focus on Hadrian's Wall! From this we wrote diary entries from the point of view of a Roman soldier that had been sent to defend the Empire in the north of England!


We have also explored informative writing, and looked at the Battle of Watling Street which was between Boudicca's Iceni tribe and Suetonius' Roman army. We imagined we were reporters from the battle and retold it as a newspaper article.


In Art and DT, we designed and made our own Roman shields! We used these to learn about how the Romans fought in battles and why it made them so successful! We even recreated this in our class assembly! Alongside this we have created our own mosaics and also developed our drawing skills by sketching and painting key buildings and objects from Roman times, such as the Pantheon and aqueducts.


In maths we have continued to develop our arithmetic skills and looked at new techniques and methods to solve sums which incorporate the four operations. Linking into the Romans, we also spent a week learning about numerals and exploring how the Romans counted. Alongside this we have been doing our weekly maths investigations to help us use maths in a range of different ways.


This term's science topic is rocks. Through experiments, we have looked at the different types of rocks and where we find them. As a class we also looked at how fossils are created and the process that occurs. Since christmas we have been looking at different types of soils that we can find around school, what they are made of and how we can identify them.



 Year Four


We have had a busy first term in Year 4!

We enjoyed reading "Journey" by Aaron Becker and using it and a poem called "The Magic Box" as a stimulus  to write our imaginative poems called " Behind the Door". We are very pleased with the results, have a look at some of the examples in the linkway!

One of the highlights of the term was our visit to the Georgia O'Keefe exhibition at the Tate Modern. We had been finding out about her life and looking at pictures of her work, so it was exciting to see her actual paintings. We have created our own pictures of flowers using chalk pastels, oil pastels and collage to make an exhibition of our own! Take a look of a few on our Gallery.

We have also enjoyed a visit to Thomas Tallis School to have a go at Rollerblading! This was great fun and some of us now attend the Rollerblading club after school to improve our skills.

We learned about What is Science? and how to think and question scientifically, as well as made predictions and how to record our findings.  In our topic about Sound, we experimented with vibration by seeing if we could make rice jump and move by hitting a drum near and far away.  We also played various instruments that use vibrations differently to make their sounds: a harp, French horn, xylophone and drum.

Our topic is The Romans and we have been finding our about Roman life, designing and making shields, Roman cooking, writing our own Roman myths and legends and much more!  We pretended to be a Roman soldier marching from London to Hadrian's wall and wrote diary entries. We have learned about the marvels of Roman engineering, such as aqueducts and worked together to make our own using Early Years' guttering, bamboo pipes and stands outside.  We were so excited watching the water travel!  We had to solve problems along the way if it was too high, too low or not stable enough.  Please take a look at the photos in our Gallery.

We are also planning to hold a Roman evening in February and visit the Roman galleries at The Museum of London!


Year 4 2016-2017

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