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Year 3

Year 3 Class Teacher


Miss. Susie Grant


 It's been a very busy term so far for Year 3, however we have had a lot of fun throughout. 

On Thursday, Adrian from Park Fever came to talk to Year 3 about chocolate. We had great fun looking at and tasting cocoa beans and different chocolate bars. Adrian also showed us cocoa butter, which is used to make white chocolate. We had a lot of questions to ask him.

In Maths, we have been focusing on addition and subtraction. We started with resources and hundred squares. We used these skills to complete column addition, which we then applied to an investigation. Column subtraction has been trickier, however Year 3 have started making some amazing step by step guides to solve column subtraction. 

We have also taken part in our second MyBnk session. We were given MyBnk money to spend on different purchases. We had to think about whether we needed that purchase or if we should save money. We all finished the activity with some change- well done Year 3. 

In English,we have continued our work on Roald Dahl. Recently, we have been using our persuasive techniques to take part in debates. We debated whether oompa loompas should be made to work in Willy Wonka's factory. We have recently been concentrating on our use of conjuntions and fronted adverbials.

Next week, we are going to write a persuasive letter.

In Creativity, we have been concentrating on taking our time, and really thinking about the detail. We have sketched and coloured in our favourite Charlie and The Chocolate Factory character, and we have used chalk to design our own boiled sweet boat.

On Wednesday, a lady from MyBnk came and talked to us about money. Every table was given a career and we were set challenges.These challenges included getting out of a human knot and a quiz. Some of the challenges were a bit tricky, but we didn't give up.  

In English, Year 3 have been focussing on descriptive writing. We have been using a thesaurus to uplevel our adjectives and vary our vocabulary. Some of us have even been adding expanded noun phrases into our work. Next week, we are going to move on to newspaper articles.

For the last few weeks, Year 3 have been concentrating on Place Value. We have been concentrating on ordering numbers and knowing the value of the different digits in a number. We have all tried really hard,and have shown great resilience with our learning. 

Next week we are going to move on to addition and subtraction.

In Science, we have started our Working Scientifically topic. We have started asking scientific questions, and have conducted investigations with paper helicopters and magnets. Our next task is to make predictions using our scientific knowledge.

We have had a very busy week, Year 3 have been using atlases to identify different countries on a map. We then used our new atlas skills to find and identify the different countries where cacao is grown.


Year 3 have been busy learning all about Roald Dahl and have been making their own magic potions based on their favourite books.....

They are excited for Roald Dahl day and thier celebrations this afternoon! 

Watch this space for more on what Year 3 have been up to!