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Year 5 and 6

Year 5- Mrs Alison Palmer- Teacher   Annaliese Law -(TA) 


Year 5 - Mr Harry Keenan- Student Teacher


Year 6- Mr Joseph Hughes- Teacher   Miki Jules- (Apprentice TA)

 Year 5


In years five and six, this Autumn term, we have been learning about magical journeys we could go on to fantasy lands. We have enjoyed learning about castles and making our own. We have also produced some fantastic written work which can be found on display in the linkway. 



Over the past few weeks during the end of the Spring Term and the start of the Autumn term year five has been creating a guide to Greenwich. Entitled “The Rough Guide to Greenwich”, this will take the form of a booklet which will provide an impression of Greenwich to visitors unfamiliar with Greenwich, whilst also providing interesting reading for those who are frequent visitors of the world famous center of time and space. The booklet will include poems themed around Greenwich, reports chronicling famous events that occurred in Greenwich, and fact-files on features of Greenwich. Thus, students have been interviewing a fireman who helped put out the Cutty Sark, and studying different poetry styles before creating poems based around Greenwich using these styles. 


 In maths we have been trying to improve our ability to reason. Thus, in class we have pushed our understanding beyond the method to solve a straight-forward maths problem, and attempted to understand what we are actually doing by performing division and multiplication problems, whilst also applying this to abstract problems which do not present a straight-forward way of finding the answer. By doing so, we have deepened our understanding of the mathematics we have covered in class. 


In Science, year five have been studying the solar system. This included learning the planets in the solar system and understanding the dynamics within the solar system, this last point including understanding how day and night arise from the rotation of the earth, and how the seasons arise from the tilt of the earth toward the sun. Thus, students created a display that depicted each of the planets of the solar system, and acted out the way our planet moves around the sun whilst also creating diagrams that illustrate both of these.

                                                                    Year 6 

Spring Term


This term Year 6’s learning has focused around the topic of ‘The Rough Guide to Greenwich’. Our task has been to create a travel guide to our local area, in collaboration with Greenacres Primary School. This has involved writing persuasive adverts, devising interview questions and reviewing local businesses in the area. This has been a really exciting project which the children have led from the start, a trademark at Brooklands. Our outcome, a published travel guide, will be something for our children to cherish and remember for a long time as a reminder of our hard work and creativity in Year 6.


In Maths we have continued to develop our arithmetic skills and we always look forward to our weekly Maths investigations which take place on a Thursday, which vary from mock crime investigations in data handling to puzzle style questions in calculation.  Can you make every number to 30 using just 1,2,3 and 4 just once?


Our Science our learning has focused around the topic of Light, in which children devised questions at the start of the topic; such as ‘Does light travel in a straight line?’ and ‘Where does light come from?’. We then investigated the answers to these questions through experiments we designed and drew conclusions from what we found.


Autumn Term

This term has been all about Aaron Becker’s book ‘Journey’ . Inspired by the work of J.R.R Tolkien and C.S Lewis we wrote adventure stories, which were inspired by the great fantasy authors. In addition to our writing we designed castles based upon the story and also studied watercolour painting. In addition to our work in the classroom we also undertook our very own journey. This took us through Greenwich, onto the Thames clipper and over to the Tower of London. We then walked alongside the Thames and wrote poems based upon our experience. We hope you enjoy reading our work about Journeys just as much as we enjoyed writing them.