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Keeping your child cyber safe at home.

Keeping your child cyber safe at home is of equal importance to us keeping them safe at school. 


Did you know.....  

75% of children under the age of 4 use laptops and computers.

41% of these children do so every day. 

29% of these children have their own device.

The majority use it to watch TV and videos (71%)

65% play games and use apps. 

16 % call friends and family.

52 % use apps such as cbeebies and youtube. 


With these statistics it is even more important that you know what your child is doing online and that you keep them safe. 


But How??

Excite-ed have made some handy apps for parents which show you how to keep your child safe online. These apps take you through how to lock down your internet, how to switch off their device when you feel they have been on it long enough, what to do if your child is being cyber- bullied, how to control their gaming and so much more. There are 3 completely FREE apps, that have been made for use by parents and profesionals, that every parent should take a look at! 

Follow these links to find them on the app store or search techsafe, techsafeprivacy or techsafe under 5's on android's google play.


They have also developed some handy games for your child to play (age appropriately), that teach them how to stay safe online:

Gaming can be a big problem for some families especially where there are different aged children in the same household. If you are ever not sure on the age limit of a game you can always ' ask PEGI' for full details of what the game contains.


There are also organisations out there for you to report anything that you feel is not appropriate to be online, such as indecent images, hateful comments etc. 

They can be contacted here:

or you can contact your local police. 


It is everyones responsibility to stay safe online. Lets help our children in the best possible ways that we can.