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Sport Reports


Sports Events at Brooklands


On Thursday 29th January, the Brooklands Cricket Squad (9 children from Years5 & 6) competed at the annual

Greenwich Indoor Cricket Tournament, held at Thomas Tallis.

There were 5 other primary schools competing in the event which took all day.  As always, Brooklands showed excellent sportsmanship and teamwork as well as fantastic batting and fielding skills. 

We won all 5 games, including am extremely tight game against a talented Middle Park team which we won by only 2 runs!  Following our victory, we are extremely excited to be able to compete in the finals on March 12 2015 after topping the group! 

Well done to the whole squad:  Michael (Captain), Dominic, Luther, Joseph, Benji, Gabriel, , Lucy, Ella C,


23/10  Walk to School Extravaganza. Greenwich Park. Year 4


20/11. Dance Sharing.  Year 4 attended the Dance Sharing at Thomas Tallis School.


Year 4 had the opportunity to perform their "Spooky Dance" at a Dance Day at Thomas Tallis School. We enjoyed not only showing off our dance but also having the opportunity to watch other children perform.


"In my opinion the dance show was brilliant, I was amazed at how much effort everyone had put into their dances. Everyone liked the warm up with the Thomas Tallis students."     Amelie.   Year 4


"I thought the Dance Sharing at Thomas Tallis was really fun, I really liked doing the warm up and cool down that the Tallis students led."   Becky.    Year 4




 20/11. Street Hockey. Year 4 had a street hockey session at Thomas Tallis School.


Year 4 were very lucky to take part in a session of Street Hockey at Thomas Tallis School.


Everyone really enjoyed it, the instructors were great fun and made it seem really easy. They were impressed not only with the fact that everyone managed to skate but also the great teamwork within the class, with the more the more confident skaters helping their friends. Great fun was had by all!


"The street hockey was really exciting and fun."  Tom. Year 4


"Street hockey was a good sport for everyone to try." Milan. Year 4


" I was surprised to find out I was really good at roller blading!"  Thomas. Year 4


 22/11. Greenwich Indoor Girls Cricket Tournament.


The year 5/6 Girls Cricket squad took part in the Greenwich Indoor Cricket Tournament. There was some excellent batting, bowling and fielding and they finished as runners up.


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 Football Coaching.  In the second half of the Autumn Term year 5 and 6 benifitted from 6 weeks of football coaching. Year 6 then enjoyed a football tournament at Long Lane Football Club. 


16/1. Greenwich Tag Rugby Tournament


The year 6 Tag Rugby Squad took part in the Greenwich Tag Rugby Tournament. Excellent play by the whole squad meant we won all three of our group games to reach the semi finals! We are looking forward to finals day!




The Year 6 Football Squad have played 2 games, against Millennium and Plumcroft Schools, winning both games!




Greenwich Cricket Tournament

On Friday June 13th the cricket team played in the Greenwich Cricket Tournament at Eltham Park.

There were 32 teams taking part, we were in group 1 with three other teams. The whole team played extremely well and we won our first two games. In our final game of the morning we came up against a very good team from Wybourne School, it was an extremely close game, after some amazing bowling and fielding, unfortunately we lost by one run!

In the afternoon we were through to the plate competition, and again the whole team played well and all three games were close, winning one and losing two.

Well done to George Hooper, Husseyin, Jago, Joe, Dan, Sasha, Yasmina and Amberly.



Festival of Sport

Year 6 had the opportunity to attend the Festival of Sport at Corelli College on Friday June 6th. It was a thoroughly enjoyable morning of sport, with the children having the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports including rowing, dance, football and rugby.

For each sport a Star Performer was chosen and a medal awarded for their skill, teamwork and sportsmanship. Congratulations to George H, Niamh, Maryam, Daniel, Hannah, Natasha and Jago.


All the children worked extremely well with several of the coaches commenting on their excellent behaviour and skill.  Well done to all of Year Six!

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Tag Rugby Tournament

The Greenwich Tag Rugby Tournament took place at Crown Woods School. Our squad of eight year 6 children played extremely well, and although we did not progress out of our group to the semi finals, there was some excellent running, passing and tackling by the whole squad. As always I was impressed by the excellent teamwork and sportsmanship shown.

Well Done to Joe, George Hooper, Dan, Huseyin, Jago, Hannah, Christine and Natasha.


Indoor Cricket Tournament

We were invited to take part in a special Indoor Cricket Tournament at Thomas Tallis School after we had impressed at the Greenwich Tournament with our excellent teamwork and sportsmanship.

The whole squad played extremely well, with some fantastic bowling and batting, winning all three of our games to win the tournament!  Congratulations to Sasha, George Hooper, Luther, Sami, Jago, Daisy, Ella Christians, Lucy and Amberley.