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The Old Nursery Coffee House

BrooklandsPrimary Schoolhas always prided itself upon providing exceptional education for every one of its pupils, but it also encourages the personal growth and creative flair of its pupils in a variety of ways. Brooklands pupils demonstrated both their imagination and ingenuity in the opening of The Old Nursery Coffee House, which was created as a result of an enterprise project run by Year 5 and 6 pupils in 2013. These young entrepreneurs were involved in every aspect of the opening of the shop which included the design, sourcing the equipment, working out costs and making business phone calls.

This year the Old Nursery Coffee House is being run by our current Year 6 class, with the hope that the Year 5 class will join them very soon. The children are responsible for all aspects of the day-to-day running of the store; serving customers, taking your order, preparing food and drinks, working the till and ensuring the shop is cleaned at the end of their shift. We serve a variety of products including hot and cold drinks, breakfasts and snacks. Some of our most popular items include hot chocolate, luxury biscuits, mini-Oreos and a variety of fruit yo-yos.

The children love running the Coffee House and interacting with their fellow students, parents and carers. Working in the shop promotes their confidence and increases their communicative skills; something that we feel very few other schools can provide in such an interesting and rewarding way. So if you would love a bite to eat or a refreshing drink, served in a relaxing atmosphere by friendly staff then do come along at the following times:

Opening Hours

Monday: 3:30-4pm

Tuesday: 3:30-4pm

Wednesday: 8:30-8:55am

Thursday: 3:30-4pm

Friday: 8:30-8:55am


The Menu


Click here to find a list of the products we sell below