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Sports Premium

Each school is given a sports premium fund from the government which must be used to fund additional and sustainable improvements to the provision of PE and sport, for the benefit of primary-aged pupils, in the 2015 to 2016 academic year, to encourage the development of healthy, active lifestyles.

In 2015-2016 Brooklands was given £9500 to continue the development of PE and sport in our school. 

We will be spending this funding in the following ways.



  • Our aim when allocating the pupil premium funding is to develop staff practice across the school to ensure that high quality teaching is taking place.
  • We also use specialist trained PE coaches to deliver high quality provision and upskill out teaching staff.
  • That the school has all the necessary equipment to compete in a range of sports.
  • That we give all children the opportunity to compete in school as well as having selective competitive sports based on ability.


How was the 2015-2016 money spent?

Sport and fitness are very important priorities at Brooklands so we regularly spend more than our £9500 allocation for Sports Premium. Here is a breakdown of our spending.

Area money was spent Cost Impact Target Group
Employed a range of sports coaches to work alongside the teachers to strengthen their understanding of sports and the progression of skills taught.  


Lesson observations show that the quality of the P.E lessons have improved and that children are taught more demanding skills. This is evident in our success in Cricket, Dance and Gymnastics. 

Particular focus in ensuring that EYFS get high quality coaching from a young age.

Whole School
Continued Sports Lunchtime clubs. These were targeted in Reception, KS1 and KS2 to increase the physical activity of targeted children.  


£190 x 30
There are structured sports sessions for Reception to 6. Key Individuals
Bought into a shared sports co-ordinator to ensure that children from Brooklands entered a range of tournaments.  £1500 Brooklands children continue to compete in a number of competitions. Rugby, Football, Swimming, Gymnastics. Tug of War, Netball and Athletics Won a number of competitions Over 100 children involved in selective competitive sport.
Termly competitive sports tournaments with our partner schools to ensure that all children get the opportunity to play competitive sports.  


All children including the children who do not have a particular interest in sport got to compete with another school Years 1-6
Doubled the amount of swimming lessons available to the children



A higher number of children were able to swim 25 metres. Year 5
Regular Cycling and Scooter Promotion/ training.  £1000 Brooklands was once again in the top 20 nationally during the big peddle. More bikes and scooters being used to get to school and a greater awareness from the children of keeping healthy. Whole School
 Total £18,321    

Spending in 2016-2017

Again in 2016-17 we will be spending our allocation of £8870 to improve the sporting opportunities for children.

Area of Spend Cost Impact Targeted Area
Climbing wall installed. £950 Children able to use this during break times to increase their  Whole School
We will continue to use sports coaches to run lunchtime sports clubs, targeting less active children across both Key Stages. We will continue to increase our after school clubs provision, trying to engage children who may not otherwise participate in Sport eg girls football.


(£60 x 38)- Price reduced since last year. 


A greater percentage of children participating in physical activity after school.

Whole School

Targeted Children
We will continue to fund Ms Sue Whiting, the sports coordinator at Thomas Tallis School.This will enable us to take advantage of a range of Festivals and tournaments, taster sessions in a range of sports and also using the excellent sporting facilities at Thomas Tallis School.  £500 More competitive sport that will lead to an even greater showing at local and national competitions. Whole School
Develop staff knowledge and expertise in teaching PE and Sport by providing staff with professional development opportunities. These will include staff working alongside the PE coordinator and the sharing of expertise at professional development meetings.



Higher quality teaching and learning and even better outcomes during P.E sessions. Whole School
We will use some of our funding to support the planning and delivering of our Annual Sports Day to take place at Sutcliffe Athletics Track, combining with our partnership schools.   £500 Venue & Transport A showcase of the fantastic sport on offer at school and the children compete at a high level. Whole School
Continue to offer subsidised after school club places to all children and free places to identified groups. £1000 Children have broader experiences in PE enrichment. Increased uptake in after school clubs. Whole School
Doubled the amount of swimming lessons available to the children  £5321 A higher number of children were able to swim 25 metres. Year 5
Additional resources for Physical Activities at break times.  £1000 A greater percentage of children participating in physical activity during school. Whole School

Sustainability of Change

Brooklands model of spend on Sports Premium money means that our approach allows us to consider sustainability of the changes we have made. In 2016 - 2017 we are making a number of introductions which will help ensure we are able to continue to enhance the increase of physical activity in children and  promote healthy lifestyles. Within Science teaching, the children are developing their understanding of the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle including a balanced diet and regular fitness. The children take part in daily physical activity over and above the statutory PE curriculum. Year 6 monitors are being trained up to run lunch time sports activities as an incentive for developing leaders of the future. So far this has included the introduction of playground buddies to ensure inclusion of all children and active participation in this unstructured time to the pupils day. We have monitors who organise and supervise new table tennis sessions and we are training children up to become referees for lunchtime competitive sports. Our pupils are also actively encouraged to develop new ideas and have formed lunchtime dance groups, basket ball teams and class games. Being part of the Maritime academy means we have instant access to a number of pupils from different schools and have a range of inter school competitions as well as access to transport at significantly reduced costs due to our Maritime links.