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Curriculum and Learning

At Brooklands we want the children to be prepared for the future, we do not know what the world will look like in 20 years however there are key skills that we feel will help them. Each term the classes will have a lead topic that the other subjects will be linked to (see curriculum maps below). So, for example, if the topic is World War II, then lots of the childrens literacy work , art, etc will also be linked into this subject.

Once a year we expect one of the topics to have a challenging outcome that will engage and inspire the children, whilst at the same time challenging them to aim high and learn new skills. For example, some of our outcomes over the past few years have been:

  • Set up an 'Egg business' and look after the Chickens
  • Create a professional looking school Magazine
  • Set up an Art Exhibition at a local Art gallery
  • Set up a school Coffee shop from scratch
  • Set up and curate a Museum in the school hall


Click here to watch a documentary made by Year 3 & 4

The aim of this approach is to instil confidence into the children that they can achieve, encourage team work, empathy, and collaborative skills as well as key presentation skills.

We want to foster:

  • Enthusiastic and successful learners who make effective progress and achieve their full potential;
  • Confident individuals who know how to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives;
  • Responsible citizens who are able to make a positive contribution to society;
  • Individuals who understand the value of learning and who continue that process throughout their lives.


Curriculum Map

The units are specifically designed to ensure there is a clear progression in knowledge, content and skills learning across the school, based on the existing National Curriculum . We team year groups together so that each class has a partner class to share ideas with and to support, so we have a two year cycle to prevent children from repeating the same topic.


Units of Learning 

Our curriculum map reflects our belief in the importance of cross curricular learning which makes clear links between different subject areas within a meaningful overall context.  The context provided is sometimes a theme and sometimes a key text, which is then used by year groups as the basis for planning with a focus on enquiry based learning.  Children become immersed in the context and learning becomes purposeful and meaningful.  Children are actively involved in asking questions, investigating, hypothesising and driving their learning forward.

Learning in Art, DT, History, Geography, ICT and PE are all based on existing National Curriculum attainment targets, with learning also based on skills grids which have been produced for each subject area to ensure progression for each individual across the school.  Wherever possible, the units selected each term fit within the overall learning context.  MFL is currently French and has been planned across the school by the MFL Subject Leader.

RE teaching is based on units from the Greenwich scheme of work, Windows on Faith, and fits into the overall learning context wherever possible.

Music is taught in all classes by our Music Subject Leader, as well as by teachers in individual or group lessons in a range of instruments.


Phonics & Guided Reading

At Brooklands we follow Letter & Sounds for phonics. This is taught daily across the Foundation Stage and in KS1. We also offer Lexia provision for children that are struggling with their phonic knowledge. This is led by a highly skilled practitioner within the school. We do not follow a specific guided reading scheme. In KS1 and LKS2 we have a colour system linked to the difficulty of the books, We use a range of books, high quality picture books, chapter books and books from reading schemes such as Oxford Reading Tree and Rigby Star. Higher up the school we are always on the look out for high quality novels from established authors. We regularly have famous authors visit the school to promote reading. 


Brooklands Curriculum Map's

 ** Please note that the EYFS overview is a guideline as to the skills that will be taught across the year. Here at Brooklands we follow the good practice of planning according to the children's natural interests and enquiry and therefore the topics and the timing of the skills taught are likely to change. **