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Maritime is a charitable education trust with schools across London and the South East.

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The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future.

Theodore Roosevelt


We aim to develop in our pupils a greater, wider and deeper historical Knowledge - “Knowing more and remembering more” through: 

    • Timeline work - understanding chronology
    • Teaching the key facts
    • Revisiting what has been taught to make sure children remember 

Historical enquiry skills 

  • asking and answering historical questions
  • using primary and secondary sources 

Critical thinking - evaluating evidence, making judgements, exploring  perspective

History in the National Curriculum can be summed up in just a few statements: ordering events in time; finding differences and similarities; writing and talking about the past; using different sources for information; asking and answering questions. All classes in each year group will do all of these at some point and aim to link ‘then’ with ‘now’.

History at Brooklands


  • We see the value of visits and visitors in history topics to enrich pupils’ lives.

  • We devise our curriculum so it is relevant to the pupils and acknowledges that they come from a diverse range of backgrounds so we can reflect and celebrate these.

  • We have history displays both in and outside the classroom that are either supporting or celebrating learning. We have timelines in our classrooms. 

  • We use a broad variety of teaching approaches across topics and within lessons to ensure all pupils are catered for and engaged.

  • We provide pupils with feedback that focuses on the history objectives. 

  • Our teachers are creative about ways to ensure history is not neglected and progress lost at those times when it is not formally taught. 

  • We encourage pupils to work as historians and aim to give them a strong understanding of what is history. We expect pupils of all abilities to be able to interrogate a number of pieces of evidence to reach conclusions and be able to justify their reasoning.