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Year 2


Year 2 Class Teacher

 Mr. Joe Plant


Current Topic - Welcome to the Jungle

Click here for our curriculum overview letter.


 Take a look at some of our previous topics:

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We have been doing all kinds of construction for our Lego topic, including making vehicles, parachutes and rafts which we tested in the school pond.



 We have been working very hard on our Lego topic creating some brilliant creations in construction lessons. Our writing topic over the last few weeks has been producing some brilliant comic strips all about incredible inventions. We have been designing our own mazes ahead of our attempt to create a full size one in the playground!


 Within Year 2 we using Lego to create, invent and explore our own made up worlds. We will be using Lego in a huge variety of ways including story writing, maths,  making Lego movies, comics and construction. alongside our Lego topic we will have a focus on mazes, using Lego to help design and understand them. This will conclude on the children attempting to create a life size maze in the playground for the Out Of This World day.



Our dinosaur topic is going brilliant and the children are learning incredible facts about all the fascinating dinosaurs. We have produced some amazing factual writing about the dinosaurs we are most interested in from the speedy Velociraptors to the terrifying T-Rex. We have written persuasive letters thinking about the pros and cons of having dinosaurs back on our planet. We still have lots planned including investigating the different time periods dinosaurs are from and ending the topic with a Dinosaur Day. 



Before Christmas we had a very successful production of The Donkey Seller. The children worked extremely hard on this and produced two brilliant performances to the adults who came to watch.



Year 2 have also had a fantastic trip to Sutcliffe Park climbing wall. It was a brilliant experience for the class and all the children were super brave climbing very high!!


 Classic Authors

 After a brilliant first half term back with the children producing their own Famous Five stories and solving mysterious on the Enid Blyton day, we are now moving on to Dinosaurs. I am sure you agree this is an exciting topic which the children will very much enjoy. We have lots planned including archaeological digs, dinosaur skeleton making and much more.

Year 2 have been busy learning all about Enid Blyton and have engrossed them selves in mystery stories. We have been planning our own versions of Famous Five including The Tremendous Three and Super Six. to go along with our brilliant creative writing we have made some fantastic artwork related to the stories... surely they will be worth a bit one day?