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Year 4

Year 4 Class Teacher



Miss. Caitlyn Walsh


Mr. Brennon Christophe


Welcome back everyone!

We hope you have had a restful 2 week break. We have a lot of exciting things happening in Year 4!

In Literacy, we are learning about persuasive writing. We will be creating pamphlets to persuade you to visit various countries around the world. Watch out, your child may even convince you!

In Mathematics we have been revising the column method for addition and subtraction.


In Science we have been investigating and drawing conclusions. We have learnt about variables and fair tests. We created hoop gliders and performed experiments to see which hoop glider would glide the furthest. We came to the conclusion that the longer the glider was, and the larger the hoops, the further it would go. 

We have a school trip to The British Museum coming up soon which will link in to our explorer’s topic. Just a reminder, any permission forms that have not been returned yet, please try to do so by Monday  23rd of April.


Dates you need to know about:

British Museum trip – 2nd April

Polling day- 3rd April

Bank Holiday – 7th April



Hello from year 4!

In Year 4 we have been up to an extraordinary amount since we last touched base.

Our new topic is EXPLORERS. We are currently exploring the United Kingdom!


One of the most exciting things we have done lately was visit Windmill Hill for our school journey! We took a bus all the way to East Sussex and stayed overnight for 2 nights and 4 days. We had a lovely time frolicking in the snow! It was a memorable way to finish winter!



In Mathematics we have been learning about measurement, perimeter and area. We have been learning how to convert units of measurement and how to find equivalent measurements.  We have also been measuring things around the school to find their perimeter and area. He is some pictures of us exploring measurement in the outdoors.    


















In Literacy, we have been learning about facts and opinion. We researched facts about Indonesia and the United Kingdom, and compared the two places using the facts that we collected. We compared the two countries on their climate, cuisine, population and landscape.  


 We had an internet safety day! We learnt about the importance of staying safe on the internet. Eva made this lovely internet safety poster for our classroom. 


In Science we have been learning about electricity! We have just started to explore where electricity comes from. We have discussed renewable and non- renewable sources of electricity. We are able to distinguish the difference been electricity supplied by mains, and electricity supplied by batteries. Soon we are about to explore how to make circuits, we cannot wait!



For Australia day, Miss Walsh brought in vegemite for us to taste. She also taught us how to make chocolate balls. 












In Music, we have been learning about beat and rhythm. We discussed different musical notes and their values. We wrote our own beat and used the drums to perform it to the class.


In Guided reading, we have been doing a lot of great activities including spelling using letter tiles, dictation, comprehension activities, Bug Club and Teacher reading.















In Literacy we are continuing on with learning about Poetry. We practiced and performed poetry to the class. We learned how to use our tone and bodies to make our poetry expressive and engaging.  




In Maths we have been learning about inverse operations and reasoning. We learned that you can work out division problems by doing the inverse of multiplication.




Welcome back!

I hope you had a lovely New Year and Christmas break. Spring Term has already been very busy for Year 4, here is an insight into what we have been learning to date.

In Literacy, we have been learning about the purpose, audience, language and structures of poetry for writing. We have written our own poems about attending a magical circus and London weather.

 We think our poems may even be better than the ones written by Shakespeare himself!


In Science, we have been looking at different states of matter. We had a go at turning a solid object into a liquid. We did this by melting chocolate, then refreezing it to make it hard again! We learned that solids are denser than liquids because their molecules are closer together.













In Maths, we have been learning about decimals. We have been investigating how to compare decimals. We were even able to place these decimals on a number line!













In Art, we have been creating portraits of ourselves using a variety of materials.

These examples were made using collage from magazines.


Dates you need to know:

Year 4 Assembly is on Friday 2nd of February

Over the last few weeks we have been working together to create our own interpretation of our school values and visions. The children have come up with amazing ideas on how to represent them and have created there own posters in groups. 


We have been learning about democracy when we organized real campaign and elections for our Class President. We listen to every candidate's speech and they were all brilliant. Our Class President for this half-term is now Isabella. 


In Maths, we have been revising our times tables through a card game that made it a lot more fun !

In English, we have been designing our own Palace made of sweets and chocolate on paper. We then have swapped our written plan with someone else so that they can draw our palace for us. We quickly realized that we needed to give more details to our description if we want to have what we imagined in our heads to come true! It is fun to be an designer and an architect!

The activity : Draw my palace



Year 4 have been super busy getting used to their new class and learning about Roald Dahl. They have even made themselves some fancy pencils!