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Year 5

Year 5 Class Teacher


Miss. Liz Jenkins

 Summer 2

Our caterpillars completed their metamorphosis last week and we released our butterflies into the Forest School area. You can watch a short video below of one of our butterflies in flight.

Summer 1

What a half term! 

We have been fundraising all half term towards our end of year trip to Harry Potter Studios. We kicked off the half term by running our own version of the London Marathon, sponsorship money came in thick and fast and we made a huge amount of money towards our trip.

However, we still have more to raise and we are grateful for your ongoing support. The last week of the half term saw our second fundraising event - we grew our own plants and baked our own cakes to sell at the end of the school day. Again, it was very successful, our little tomato plants were very popular and the brownies were sold out very quickly!

We have a few more ideas to help us reach our target - so keep your eyes peeled for more entrepreneurial ideas in the coming weeks!


What a great way to start our Out of this World topic by delving into the natural world at Creekside Discovery Centre in Deptford! We had a great day exploring the Ravensbourne River (a tributary of the Thames). We had loads of fun river dipping and found lots of shrimp, leeches and a Mitten Crab!



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With space behind us, we continue to explore our year theme of "Out of this world" and are delving into the depths of the Natural World. 

We have begun to read Katherine Rundell's new book The Explorer and are following the journey of Fred, Con, Lila and Max who are stranded in the Amazon Jungle. We will be using the book to link our curriculum together: in English we will be basing our narrative writing on the characters' adventures; in science we will be focusing on Animals including Humans; for geography we will be heading to Creekside Discovery Centre to explore a local river habitat up close and we will be looking at the landuse changes of the Deptford area as a local history study. 

Watch this space for further updates!


We are running a mile a day in the lead up to the London Marathon to raise money to our trip to Harry Potter Studios.

Please contact us, or the office if you would like to sponsor us - every penny counts!




Autumn 2 - Space

26/01/2018 - Space Documentary Premiere!

Today was a fantastic day! The children got to show off all their hard work on their Spare Documentary at their premiere! They also made lemonade and sold programmes- the proceeds will go towards our end of term trip! 

We’ve been out of this world this term on a journey through space.

We’ve been learning about the planets in our solar system, with a particular focus on the Sun, Earth and Moon, their orbits and the changes these cause here on Earth, including the seasons and day and night.

Our documentaries are being planned and we hope they will be ready for the 26th January for our premiere.






Maths - we have been learning to measure and draw angles!

Art - We have been practising colour mixing in preparation for our Peter Pan watercolour skylines

Fraction Day!

Can you solve our problem?

We used our problem solving method and also explained our strategies with very detailed reasoning.

 We contributed to Mr. Hughes' fraction quilt, colouring our squares into fifths.

We've almost finished our Peter Pan narratives and we'll update you with our finished Peter Pan skylines very soon.


 Welcome to Year 5

Year Five have been taken off to Never Never land with Peter Pan and have started some amazing learning this year. 

They have also made some beautiful cranes to fly around their reading area...


With the autumn term well under way, Year 5 have been learning so many different things; here are a few of our favourites.