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Educational Visits


Following the terrible events in Parsons Green, there has been understandable concern from parents and schools regarding planned school trips. Advice from the police is that there is currently no need to cancel any such visits as police have no specific information about further threats to the public.

Schools will have already undertaken a risk assessment in relation to pre-planned trips and should continuously update their assessment as per normal local procedures. Schools should expect to find increased levels of security at all public places and some delays during entry to public venues.

Over the coming days it is likely to see more police officers patrolling, this is a precautionary measure only. Police advice to the public is to remain alert but not alarmed and to report anything that causes concern or raises suspicion to the police on 0800 789 321.

In an emergency always dial 999.

For information on what to look out for and how to contact police go to

The British Transport Police’s security campaign “See it. Say it. Sorted” can support school trip leaders in the event that trips are taken by rail / coach and can be found here:

The National Counter Terrorism Security Office provide protective security advice 

Residential Trips


The Townsend Centre, Dorset

In Year 6, children at Brooklands have the opportunity to visit the Townsend Centre at Swanage in Dorset for a week’s residential trip.

The Townsend Centre is located on the World Heritage Jurassic Coast in Swanage. The Centre and surrounding area provide superb locations for a range of adventure activities and curriculum linked field studies, for example a low ropes course, steam train trip to Corfe Castle or just simply spending time on the beach. 

The children do not only benefit from the contrasting locality, but also from the opportunity to develop their life skills and independence in preparation for their transition to Secondary school. 

The dedicated staff team is a unique blend of qualified teachers and outdoor instructors. This means that the activities are adventurous, educational and can be designed to meet different learning objectives.

Whilst we are away parents are updated on their children’s progress via Twitter and we also include lots of fun pictures.

Prior to the trip parents are invited to a meeting with the class teacher to clarify all details.

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Margaret McMillan Centre, Wrotham

Each year, Year 4 has the exciting opportunity to experience a 3 day trip at the Margaret McMillan Centre in Wrotham, Kent.  This is a nationwide renowned outdoor educational centre, specialising in exciting opportunities for primary and secondary schools that live in urban environments. Brooklands has a long history of using this bespoke adventure programme. It offers children the opportunity to experience outdoor learning and develop new skills, risk take and gain self confidence.

This may be the first opportunity that your child will experience a visit away from home and their families.  Brooklands Staff will support your children through this challenging step in their development into independent and confident individuals. This will start in the classroom where we will discuss the trip and enthuse the children about the upcoming adventure.  This is also an ideal opportunity for children to safely discuss any worries that we will then be able to alleviate.

Whilst at the centre the children will experience an exciting and varied programme of activities including, archery, rock climbing, shelter building, orienteering and team building. This is run by the centre staff, which is supported by Brooklands Staff. The children also enjoy the opportunity to spend time with their friends sharing dormertires and enjoying delicious mealtimes. The trip offers the children long lasting memories and the opportunity for their teaching staff at Brooklands to witness self-growth and achievement which is a privilege to be part of.

To support parents/carers who may be missing their children, we aim to send daily tweets.  All children enjoy receive a letter from home and buying a souvenir of their trip from the gift shop on site.

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