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Maritime is a charitable education trust with schools across London and the South East.

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Here at Brooklands we make the most of specialised PE teaching to go alongside class teachers teaching PE. Throughout the school year, every year group receives PE lessons taught by specialist PE coaches across a range of different sports and disciplines.

We follow the National Curriculum which aims to allow all children to succeed in physically-demanding activities and sports. Our PE teaching includes the development of physical skills as well as the knowledge of how to lead a physically active, healthy lifestyle. With our youngest pupils, learning starts with fundamental movement skills as well as competitive and cooperative games. As children move through the school, they continue to build on these skills, including specific ones linked to the use of bats and athletic equipment, as well as developing their knowledge of tactics within team sports.

In KS2, our children also attend a local leisure centre to take part in swimming lessons to develop their proficiency in the water as well as basic water safety skills.

Sports and clubs

We are also pleased to offer various enrichment clubs that run  before and after school. These include gymnastics, cricket, football, multi sports, dance and netball. Lunch time clubs target different groups including all girls’ sports sessions. Brooklands is part of the Maritime Academy Trust sports league which competes in a variety of sports throughout the year. We encourage sports- related school trips such as attending climbing walls and visiting a skate park.