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Vision & Values

Visions & Values

At Brooklands we have a very clear Vision & Values statement put together by our whole community - children, parents, governors and staff. Our four principles provide the guide for everything that we do in school to ensure that we are all working towards the same goals and hold the same beliefs in what we want our children to achieve.


Our four cornerstone principles are:

  • Children are the centre of everything we do and every decision we make.
  • We are outward facing and always looking for new ideas, but striking the right balance with experience and expertise built up over time.
  • We teach an exciting, creative and relevant curriculum based on the principle of problem solving and entrepreneurship.
  • We are an inclusive school, committed to enabling our children to make the very best progress, both academically and socially.


Children at our centre

  • We provide a safe and supportive learning environment where everyone has a valid contribution to school life.
  • We make getting to know our children, and their families, a priority.
  • We know that getting the best results with children comes from working together.


Outward facing

  • Our children have a strong sense of their community and of belonging to it. Our aim is to start them off as lifelong learners and to give them wonderful memories of our school and the people in it.
  • We value sustainability, and promote values such as tolerance, humility, kindness, curiosity, respect and responsibility.
  • We hold everyone – pupils and teachers – to a high standard and scrutinize our progress carefully.
  • We want our children to leave Brooklands feeling valued, confident and happy, with the ability to go on to contribute to the world with useful skills and a positive attitude.


Exciting, creative and relevant curriculum

  • We understand that making progress comes from hard work and we provide the right mix of support, encouragement, challenge and nurture.
  • We recognise that every child is different and learns in their own way – it is our job to reach every child, to help them find and fulfil their potential, to encourage and celebrate their individuality.
  • We want our children to be healthy and enjoy a wide range of physical activities, and with a focus on learning beyond the classroom.


Inclusive and progressive school

  • We are ambitious for our children, and recognise and celebrate all successes in our school equally, whether they are academic, artistic, or sporting.
  • We encourage individuality and independent thought, as well as collaboration across the school.
  • We are a school that values the importance of fun, and enjoys learning in our pursuit of excellence.