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Maritime is a charitable education trust with schools across London and the South East.

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Vision & Values

At Brooklands Primary School, we aim to provide all of our children with the high-quality education and enrichment opportunities they need to develop their knowledge and skills both academically and personally, in order to prepare them for an amazing future.


This is our core purpose and the main focus for all that we do. All our staff are responsible for teaching all our children everywhere around our school. Expectations are high, standards are maintained and everyone is supported from their starting points. Progress is key so that attainment will be high, with formative assessment being our most important tool. Consistent use of evidence-based approaches is our main intent.


Children must be taught the academic and personal skills necessary for them to thrive in their futures. Maps have been developed with teachers so that knowledge and skills are carefully planned out to build on previous learning. This is taught in blocks to allow time for deeper exploration of concepts and linking knowledge. The curriculum is delivered during lessons, in assemblies, in the playground, through our displays, through our events and through all of our interactions with our children. 

Through our curriculum we aim to:

1. Develop depth of understanding

2. Ensure progression and readiness for the next stage of education

3. Ensure pupils know more and remember more

Gaps in children’s learning need to be addressed as swiftly as possible to ensure no child is left behind. Quality First Teaching is used in class including differentiation, use of resources, alternative strategies, small group work etc. If gaps still exist, additional interventions are put in place by staff to run as small groups or 1:1 in addition to usual teaching. These interventions are specific, time-limited and regularly reviewed to ensure impact. Class teachers remain responsible for the attainment and progress of children in their class.


Staff praise children for effort and give specific positive comments on learning successes. Children’s learning is moved forwards by staff giving specific feedback (linked to the success criteria or their own targets) on what they should do next. This is mostly done live in class as this has the most impact for our children.


Everyone deserves to feel safe, happy and secure at our school. Strong relationships with staff are the most effective way of ensuring this for children so this is our focus. We aim to promote positive behaviour at all times everywhere through high expectations, consistency and use of routines. We do not view children as ‘behaving badly’ - they are struggling with something and the behaviour is how they are showing us.

Our school values are respect, resilience, cooperation, creativity and kindness. We support children to understand and demonstrate these values in their learning and throughout their wider school experiences.

As part of the Maritime Academy Trust, we also strive for success though the Maritime behaviours:


The space around us should positively affect us. Our classrooms, corridors, playgrounds and learning spaces should all reflect our focus on learning and support children’s success. They will be clean, clear and well-organised. This will be maintained by all members of the school community at all times. Displays will engage children’s interests, encourage their effort and/or showcase their successes. 


Standards must be maintained if we are going to achieve the high expectations that are set. All staff will monitor this throughout everything they do and will immediately take steps to remedy any failure to meet these standards. Consistent failure to meet the required standards may result in formal action being taken.

Staff development:

Our staff are our most valuable asset in enabling us to achieve our Mission Statement. All staff will receive high-quality training and support based on their developmental needs. This will be determined by staff themselves through termly developmental review sessions. Our aim is to support staff to become reflective practitioners who can drive their own improvement and development.