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Working Together Group






As part of our work at Brooklands we work with other schools in two main ways. The first, is through an informal group of like minded headteachers called the 'Working Together group' and the second is through our formal role as a National Support School where Mr Osborne supports schools through his role as a National Leader of Education.


Working Together Group

Not only do we work closely with the schools in our partnership (Millennium & Timbercroft), we are also part of a network of schools that work closely together. This is called the ‘Working Together Group’.

It consists of a number of Outstanding & rapidly improving schools:

Greenacres Primary School

Millennium Primary School

St. Margaret’s Lee

Christ Church C of E (Shooters Hill)

Eltham C of E

Timbercroft Primary School

Bannockburn Primary School

Wyborne Primary School


Why do we work together?

We are a group of highly competitive primary schools that want the best possible outcomes for our children. The best way for that to happen is to look to continuously learn from others. What better way is there to learn than learning from other Outstanding schools?


What do we do?

  • We do a number of joint projects together to ensure that we are continuously improving.
  • We have joint training programmes in our schools for Leadership, Newly Qualified Teachers and Support Staff. This enables staff to learn excellent practice from other locations.
  • Staff get the opportunity to observe other teachers in other settings.
  • We compare our books and learning with each other to benchmark our standards and see if we could be aiming even higher.
  • We carry out peer reviews on each other’s schools to help each other spot areas where we can improve.
  • We have shared resources which is invaluable in the current situation.
  • We are also beginning to run initial teacher training together to ensure that we continue to get excellent staff in the future.


National Leader of Education

NLEs along with staff in their school - designated a National Support School - use their success and professionalism to provide additional leadership capability in other schools. 

NLEs are deployed to suit the needs of each school needing support, or to those in transition to federation or academy status. The type of support provided is flexible and can often involve NLEs becoming executive headteacher. They also have responsibility for bringing on the next generation of NLEs and National Support Schools.

Many NLEs/NSSs report improved exam results at the schools they support, as well as their own.

Charlie Taylor, Chief Executive of the National College for Teaching and Leadership, said: “It’s great that heads like Nick Osborne are willing to look beyond their own school gates to help more and more pupils achieve. We now have well over 1,000 National Leaders of Education and their efforts are at the heart of a self-improving, school-led education system.

“School-to-school support is having a growing impact with benefits for both the schools being supported and those providing the support.”